I AM Reader & Healer Sandra Winter -

"Receiving an Intuitive Angelic Miracle reading or healing from Sandra is like being in the same room with a whole flock of angels. Seriously, it's that amazing. She has an incredible gift for weaving Divine energy through sound, guided healing visualizations, direct energywork, and spiritual coaching and teaching. You will come away feeling like you are floating on clouds, with a song of the angels singing in your heart. If you need peace and upliftment, you were guided to this - and Sandra - for a reason." - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"My mission is to assist others in re-connecting to and re-membering their divine nature through my work and by allowing that to be exemplified in my own life."
~ Sandra Winter, I AM Reader & Healer

Sandra specializes in clearing energetic blocks from the past and in the now to create a brighter future, with the aid of angelic helpers and sound healing techniques. She also assists in connecting you to your spirit guides and helpers.

ABOUT Sandra Winter:

As an Interfaith Minister, spiritual life coach and sound healing practitioner, Sandra brings a unique skill set to her work as an I AM Healer. As a minister, she has learned to appreciate the gifts offered by all faiths and has experienced many different spiritual practices, while still being deeply rooted in her own. As a coach, she has learned to offer practical tools that empower her clients while helping them to gain clarity and confidence. Her sound healing tools gently relax and help clients heal physical and emotional wounds on subtle levels. Since first starting to work directly with her angelic team in 2014 (as a result of her work with Sage), Sandra has felt a calling to help others connect to their own Divine Team. Becoming a Certified I AM Healer has offered the perfect pathway for her mission and gifts.

What people say about Sandra Winter's I AM Healings and Readings:

"Sandra made me feel so safe with her beautiful soulful voice,
her angelic guidance and her deep personal wisdom. I had an 'aha' moment which was an awakener for me. A very profound and memorable experience which has actually altered the image i had of myself. Amazing."
~ Sue Gauthier

"My whole body is filled with energy and so much love.
I feel blessed and so much better now."
~ Priscilla Yap

"The reading was beautiful...
She led me into a lovely journey, which was really nice. I really enjoyed it. She saw the Archangels and Ascended Masters, who presented me with magnificent gifts and meaningful messages that uplifted and encouraged me." ~ Kvani Kalimuthan

"She genuinely cares for the person she is working with.
I had another opportunity to receive healing from Sandra. I had to do a ‘re-birth’ process. Sandra helped me to do it with the help of the Angels, where the healing went all the way to my Akashic Records. Whatever the Angels were doing in there with my Akashic Record, I felt it. It was indeed a powerful healing. It is always a pleasure to work with Sandra as she is a good listener and very helpful. She genuinely cares for the person she is working with." ~ Kvani Kalimuthan

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Disclaimer: All testimonials presented herein are real and verifiable. Most people experience profound, even life-changing positive results with I AM Healing and Readings, however there is no guarantee of results because this will depend upon the readiness of the individual and their commitment to healing. I AM Readings & Healings are not to be used as a substitute for other health, psychological or medical care and I AM healers and readers do not represent themselves as licensed physicians. The founder and certifier of I AM Healers and Readers, Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard takes no responsibility for any harm that may result from any session and/or service performed by any certified I AM Healer or Reader. I AM Healers and Readers are held to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and quality. Always use your own best judgment when signing up for a healing, program, reading or session of any kind. Listen to your own voice of wisdom within.

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