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"Russell is a phenomenally empowering intuitive counselor and guide because he has a gift for asking the exact right questions to help YOU find your own answers. And he does this in a way that is so natural, brilliant, and graceful, you will be astounded. He has a very close connection to God / Jesus / Holy Spirit and will bestow a healing prayer upon you that will touch your heart and soul and quite likely, change your life." - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"I am a sojourner transmuting darkness to light, confusion to clarity, and doubt to faith. My mission as a fellow-seeker and guide is to help you find the light in the dark parts of life and yourself that people avoid. And to help you share the treasure of this experience with those around you."
~ Rev. Dr. Russell Burck, I AM Reader & Healer

Dr. Burck Likes to Work with People

1. Who may or may not identify with any specific religion, denomination or spiritual tradition, but who are open to the spiritual in life, in healing, and in solving problems.

2. Who may never have thought of themselves as living in a universe of ArchAngels, angels and spirit guides, but who are willing to learn how they can communicate with these beings and receive healing from them.

3. Who may never have even thought of asking angels and ArchAngels to help guide them (or who feel they are unclear on what these messages are, when they do ask), but who are willing to see what benefits they may receive from decision-making help that angels, ArchAngels, and other spiritual guides can provide.

Dr. Burck Specializes in:

1. Inner Child Healing

2. Past Life Healing

3. Aura and chakra readings to help you identify areas that would benefit from clearing or healing.

4. Intuitive and spiritual guidance to help you when you are stuck on a problem and can't get past it or let it go.


After retiring from hospital chaplaincy and clinical ethics at Rush University, I searched for a business for myself in which I could fulfill my life purpose. My life purpose, I learned, to is bring my endowments as a highly gifted intuitive, clairvoyant, empath, and psychic, to serve the highest good of all.

Thus, I came to Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard's Higher Consciousness programs. I have just completed Higher Consciousness Level II, an extremely in-depth advanced clairvoyant training, and I am now a Certified Intuitive Angelic Miracle Healer & Reader. And in mid-October, I will become a Reiki Master and a Money Reiki Healer.

I hold a Bachelor's degree from Princeton University and a B.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary. I earned a Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary in the field of Pastoral Theology. I am a certified Chaplain-Supervisor in Clinical Pastoral Education. I also have a certification in fingerprint and hand analysis, which is useful for work with intuition and intuitive healing.

Most recently and most pertinently, I am a certified Intuitive Angelic Miracle Healer with Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard's I AM Healer and Reader program. In this program, I have found a profound connection between my work as a hospital chaplain and my work as an intuitive counselor, reader and healer.

Throughout my career as hospital chaplain and hospital ethics consultant I worked respectfully with people of all spiritual faiths and practices. In Sage's I AM Healer and Reader program, I have been delighted to discover that I have a particularly strong connection to the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit, which I offer if you would like to deepen your connection to the divine in this way. I also work with Mother Mary and other guides, including Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and your own guides.

Each session is customized to provide the unique experience of higher guidance for clarity, healing for empowerment, and spiritual counseling to help you move much more confidently - and intuitively - forward into the life you want to be living.

I would be honored to serve you on your path.

What people say about Dr. Russell's I AM Healings and Readings:


"Dr. Russell Burck does incredible intuitive readings that will help you Reveal and Heal issues. Get one now!" ~ Eric Ellis, Client Care Specialist for Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, Founder and Certifying Teacher of Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healing


"Along life's journey, there are times when we seem to get stuck. For me, an unconscious belief formed during my childhood became a stumbling block. I had an 'Ah-ha!' moment when I recognized a particular thought pattern that, as an adult, I recognized as totally flawed. I had thought that mere recognition would allow me to move forward, but the belief was embedded so deeply in my soul and I had become entwined and ensnared by this long-held (albeit false) belief, that just understanding it was not enough.

In just 30 minutes, Dr. Burck was able to lead me through an exercise which allowed me to finally move past this belief which had been blocking me. He intuitively knew just the right questions to ask. And after the session, I felt lighter and more fully connected to my inner guidance. I am so grateful for Dr. Burck's gifts, abilities and insights! Thank you!"

~ Sincerely, Sara Gettys


"Russell is gentle in his approach and very respectful of the person he is working with. Russell does coaching with an intuitive twist. He leads one to the answers they are wanting like gentle flowing water." ~ Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW, therapist, Pflugerville TX.


"When I signed up to get an intuitive session with Russell Burck, I was expecting the traditional – 'I see XYZ in your future' but his style is very different. He has a rich history of counseling - seeing the big picture - and guiding people thru troubled seas. His intuition was right on and helped me to understand and put my feelings into context and feel more free.

I had felt a lot turbulence about what my next career path is. I will be transitioning from a non-traditional intuitive Chiropractor of 25 years to working in groups and developing systems that will allow people to transcend the obstacles preventing them from achieving their soul's purpose.

Russell asked me some of his intuitive questions. They led me to the realization that the turbulence is tied to regret. The kind of regret that could keep me stuck in a profession that does not fully serve my life purpose. Clearly I have gained a lot of experience that will aid me - but it is time to move into the next phase.

My freedom came when I realized that there is absolutely nothing to regret. Does the butterfly regret that it is no longer a caterpillar? I recommend you get a session with Dr. Russell Burck! :)"
~ Julia Christine Lewis, D.C.


"I'm in India and Russell Burck is in the US. My session with Russell occurred through an FB chat. and it was amazing. I got a new perspective of how to handle my current situation and a change in my attitude towards myself. Thanks a lot for having a big heart to do an intuitive reading and being so generous with your time too (I realized the reading lasted one and a half hours!). Thank you, Russell. God Bless you." ~ Milind Koppinar, India


"I have just been honoured to have a brief session with Intuitive Consultant Russell Burck. I'm currently at a fork in the road in my business life and this offered an opportunity for guidance on which direction to take. Russell's skill in asking pertinent questions and reflecting back my responses, allowed me to express my thoughts and clearly 'hear' my ideas. He also brought to my attention a very important point, contextualizing it in a way that will be most helpful in my marketing, and which I would never have seen or considered on my own. This was beneficial and Russell's questions were intelligent and knowledgeable.

He was always respectful and genuinely encouraging of my ideas, and I recommend his services to others seeking clarity. Thank you, Russell!"
~ Virgina Huuponen, Perth, Australia


"On May 9th, 2017, Russell conducted an Intuitive Angelic Miracle Healing with me. We addressed half a dozen issues. At one point, Russell channeled Archangel Gabriel. Archangel Gabriel had heard my issues. He said that I needed to ask which of them I could do simultaneously, which I could do sequentially, and where to start.

I sorted these things out in real time with Archangel Gabriel, feeling peace at the end of the process. I had no idea what to expect, but it was very insightful and I loved the guidance from Archangel Gabriel! Thank you, Russell! I really appreciate it!"
~ Anne Kirvan

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Disclaimer: All testimonials presented herein are real and verifiable. Most people experience profound, even life-changing positive results with I AM Healing and Readings, however there is no guarantee of results because this will depend upon the readiness of the individual and their commitment to healing. I AM Readings & Healings are not to be used as a substitute for other health, psychological or medical care and I AM healers and readers do not represent themselves as licensed physicians. The founder and certifier of I AM Healers and Readers, Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard takes no responsibility for any harm that may result from any session and/or service performed by any certified I AM Healer or Reader. I AM Healers and Readers are held to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and quality. Always use your own best judgment when signing up for a healing, program, reading or session of any kind. Listen to your own voice of wisdom within.

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