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"Roxann brings a wonderful warmth and wisdom to the I AM readings and healings. People always come away from them feeling more full of hope, more clear about their path, more renewed... More themselves somehow. She also brings a wealth of knowledge of Reiki, crystals, and the Divine Feminine. But what I love best about how Roxann serves as an Intuitive Angelic Miracle reader and healer is her sense of humor and magic!" - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"I am here to share my Light with the world, and help you shine the Light you are too.
And together we can create a beautiful sun!"
- Roxanna Pool, I AM Healer.

NOTE: Roxanna is the only I AM Healer who is Doubly Certified. She is also in the most advanced level of intuitive training with Sage (Higher Consciousness Level III), apprenticing to learn how to do Psychic Chakra Aura Maps - which many people consider to be the most comprehensive readings available worldwide.

Specializes in:
Clearings to raise your vibration, holding space to facilitate and accelerate your personal healing on all levels, and angelically guided crystal healing sessions.


My energy is very gentle, and your individualized angelic session will be guided by the angels in the best direction for your highest good. I help people heal themselves. My job is to show up and be of service for you.

I am a true Southern Belle with a Celtic background: Irish and Scottish. Born in Kentucky, my paternal great-grandfather was a full-blooded Irishman straight from Ireland, and my paternal grandfather brought in the Scottish blood. I have Celtic blood on my mother's side as well. We moved to New Orleans, Louisiana when I was ten years old, and except for a few short periods away, I have been here ever since.

So you could say I'm a Celtic lass with some Southern sass!

While living out of state following Hurricane Katerina in 2005, I meet my Reiki teacher and returned to my spiritual path. I achieved the level of Reiki Master Sensei, and received my attunement in Bathe, England in 2010. Shortly after returning home, my beloved father passed away and I retreated into an internal isolation for about a year. I started working with Sage in late 2011 as a student and VIP client. I graduated as an I Am Angelic Miracle Healer in 2015 and received my certification on retreat in Glastonbury, England. It was a magical experience with Archangel Michael at the top of the ancient Tor (Tower), and many energetically charged areas like the Chalice Well. Upon leaving the retreat, I went to Scotland and totally fell in love with the country and the people. I felt like I was home, and it holds a special place in my heart.

My certifications include Reiki Master Sensei, I AM Angelic Miracle Healer & Reader (doubly certified), Money Reiki Grand Master, Soul Retrieval, and Certified Crystal Healer. I am also completing my Advanced Crystal Mastery, Sacred Activations Practitioner, and I am a lifelong student of Feng Shui, Numerology and Yoga. I also hold Bachelor's Degrees in Nursing and Psychology.

I work with the energy of Archangels Michael & Raphael, the Goddess, Ascended Masters, Reiki Masters as well as sacred numerology and crystals to weave a uniquely powerful and magical session experience for you that will enhance your energy and your life for many years to come. I look forward to being of divine service to you if this resonates with your soul!

What people say about Roxanna's I AM Healings and Readings:


"Roxanna Pool facilitated an angelic soul retrieval for me and the results were instantaneous and phenomenal! I was adopted and have had emotional, spiritual and even physical issues related to this deep mother-wound for over 50 years. The Angelic I AM Soul Retrieval by Roxanna helped me forgive my birthmother, restore an essential piece of my own heart and soul, regain vital life force energy and joy. I feel so much less 'triggered' about my birthmother now. It's like a huge painful weight was lifted off my heart. And months later, I am still feeling so much lighter and freer and healthier too. This healing really was a miracle! Roxanna, thank you, and thanks to the spiritual guides and angels. You are a wonderful healer!"
~ Anna Scott, Reiki Master & Hypnotherapist


"Roxanna is a beautiful expression of the Divine who assists you to access the Divine within you. She gently kept me on track and offered wise insight. She guided me through some difficult areas that needed to be healed, held the space for me and uplifted me and for that I am so very grateful." - Veronica Rios, Texas


"Hi, Roxannaa! Thank you for the reading yesterday! It was very insightful & informative. You gave me a lot to think about & can't believe how the hour flew by! You were very accurate and detailed and I am so glad I got this reading with you!" - Sarah M. France


"Roxanna is a wise and gentle soul who put me at ease during my private session, and offered me a wonderful reading that was easily understandable and very helpful. I highly recommend a reading with Roxann." - Susan M., USA


"I recently had the pleasure of receiving an Angel reading from Lady Roxanna. Oh my! What an amazing experience! Lady Roxanna was very attentive to my questions and answered graciously from her heart- and from the angels- in a calm and caring manner. My reading was insightful and made me feel comfortable with the entire process. Lady Roxanna included methods such as cord cutting and protection to deal with any negatives in my life. I loved that she reminded me to always meet negativity with love and light, to always show gratitude, and to ask the angels for help. I also love knowing that angels are always around to help. I highly recommend Angel readings from the amazing Lady Roxanna."
~ Helen A. Dallas TX

Includes bonus e-coaching!

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With bonus e-coaching!


Disclaimer: All testimonials presented herein are real and verifiable. Most people experience profound, even life-changing positive results with I AM Healing and Readings, however there is no guarantee of results because this will depend upon the readiness of the individual and their commitment to healing. I AM Readings & Healings are not to be used as a substitute for other health, psychological or medical care and I AM healers and readers do not represent themselves as licensed physicians. The founder and certifier of I AM Healers and Readers, Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard takes no responsibility for any harm that may result from any session and/or service performed by any certified I AM Healer or Reader. I AM Healers and Readers are held to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and quality. Always use your own best judgment when signing up for a healing, program, reading or session of any kind. Listen to your own voice of wisdom within.

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