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"Prana is such a gentle and wise soul. She brings to I AM Healing and Reading sessions a wonderful depth and breadth of spiritual experience and knowledge. Her clear connection with Christ, the Angels, Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters is a great blessing!" - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

Prana Specializes in:
Guidance & healing in times of change and decision making; discovering and moving forward with your life purpose & best life choices; going to the next level spiritually; deeper understanding of current personal issues, breaking free from blocks; connecting more consciously with your Highest Self, Angels and Guides.


"The Divine is my passion and I am here to serve as a bridge which facilitates your inner journey to healing and to living in higher vibrations, connecting to your Higher Self, to Angels and Archangels, and to the Masters of Light." - Prana Elsie Silva, I AM Healer.

It is an honor for me to enable you to connect more deeply with the Divine within, with your Higher Self, angels and archangels, and the Masters of Light. Empowering women to empower themselves through Spirit is very dear to my heart and is my calling.

As each of us raises our vibration by allowing greater Light to fill us, we also raise the vibration of both our smaller personal world and of our Mother Earth, the larger world.

I love to offer sessions that bring messages from Spirit and the Divine Beings who bring clarity, inspiration, direction, and healing. I believe that truly knowing our Divine connection and nature, becoming aware we are always held in Divine Love, and experiencing Divine guidance can enable us to move through challenges, changes and losses more peacefully and successfully, and ultimately find so much joy in each day.

I have been offering spiritual guidance/coaching and teaching for over 30 years, and channeling for 13 years. Even as a child, I have always felt my Divine connection as well as energy, sensing it swirl around me. For me, God was – and is - an experience. I found that I just knew about people and their motives, and what was not being said. In time I could call my knowing intuition from my studies in psychology and metaphysics.

For decades, I have deeply studied everything from traditional mysticism to therapeutic touch, and have many certifications including Reiki Master and energy medicine, Angel Therapy Practitioner, and am working toward certification as an Akashic Reader and Certified Intuitive Strategist.

I received a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology and one in Spirituality (Western and Eastern)/Pastoral Ministry. I have studied with various angel/oracle reading teachers and mediums to refine and deepen my ability to channel clear and accurate information, inspiration and healing, and I also work with the fairies, crystals and Goddess.

I help you open doors within yourself so you can access higher vibrations and greater awareness of the Divine as you live your daily life. I do this through Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) readings and healings integrated with spiritual coaching & counseling and other healing modalities as guided by Spirit, through intuitive classes, and personalized meditations and ceremonies.

I offer a gentle presence and deep listening so you can relax and go deeper, in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance.

I love being a certified I AM Miracle Healer!

Through almost 2 years of extremely advanced study with Sage and Archangel Michael, I refined my intuitive skills to a whole new level, learned new approaches to healing, and connected with the Angels, Archangels and Masters in new ways. Specific guides came forth to guide me even more clearly in my work and my life: Jesus, Mother Mary, and Archangel Gabriel. I also deepened my connection with Archangels Michael, Raphael and Metatron.

I love to be in nature, around trees and the ocean. I have a special affinity for crystals and mantras. I have a cat named Shakti who owns me. I am bilingual and speak Spanish fluently. I am a native Manhattan (NYC) girl but have lived in many different areas including Florida, Indiana, and Oregon.

For me, the world of Spirit is loving and compassionate and so this is the energy with which I welcome you when we work together. Each session is unique because Spirit/God, who knows your truest and deepest needs, is the one guiding our time together. If you resonate with this energy, I look forward to meeting you!

Phone sessions available worldwide in English and in Spanish.

What people say about Prana's I AM Healings and Readings:


"I've had a number of readings from Prana Elsie Silva and found her to be exceptionally intuitive. She creates a calm and healing environment so that she and her clients are open-minded and open-hearted to the sacred information that comes through. I particularly appreciate her unassuming attitude and willingness to go into great detail when necessary. Readings by Prana Elsie Silva are especially helpful during difficult times. I have even referred back to them on multiple occasions as the insightful information she brings through continues to have value long after the initial reading. Prana is a very gifted intuitive that I highly recommend to others." - Dr. Diane H.


"I have found all your readings to be very insightful! They have given me grounding and a place to grow from, compassionate and encouraging, done with so much consideration for my emotional state. I've always appreciated that, and I have progressed so much from the wisdom you share. Thank you, Prana Elsie!" - Much love, Stella


"My name is Machi Maria. I am Shaman from the Wichi tribe in South America. I recently received an I AM Healing and Reading from Prana Elsie Silva. It was an incredible experience for me. During the process, I experienced incredible healing of many unresolved childhood memories. I don’t think I can adequately express the power of this healing but I will forever be thankful for this experience. I would highly recommend Prana Elsie without a doubt. Peace & Light," - Munay Machi

Includes bonus e-coaching!

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Disclaimer: All testimonials presented herein are real and verifiable. Most people experience profound, even life-changing positive results with I AM Healing and Readings, however there is no guarantee of results because this will depend upon the readiness of the individual and their commitment to healing. I AM Readings & Healings are not to be used as a substitute for other health, psychological or medical care and I AM healers and readers do not represent themselves as licensed physicians. The founder and certifier of I AM Healers and Readers, Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard takes no responsibility for any harm that may result from any session and/or service performed by any certified I AM Healer or Reader. I AM Healers and Readers are held to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and quality. Always use your own best judgment when signing up for a healing, program, reading or session of any kind. Listen to your own voice of wisdom within.

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