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"Mark Goddard is more than a healer, he is a true medicineman. Mark bridges the physical and metaphysical worlds in the way only a shaman can, and he is already known worldwide for his uniquely powerful Reiki psychic surgery spiritual clearings. Now as an I AM Healer, Mark brings a strong connection with Archangels Raphael, Metatron, Gabriel and Michael to even further enhance his work as a healer, along with an abiding deep awareness of the nature of Spirit, and the spirit of Nature. Prepare for magic!" - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"Where the knowledge of the mind meets the wisdom of the heart, that is the point from which I serve." ~ Mark Goddard, I AM Reader & Healer

Mark Goddard Specializes in:

~ Making healing a seamless integrative experience by weaving together the Earth-honoring shamanic traditions with Reiki and assistance by Angels and other helpful Divine Guides.

~ Helping you heal and harmonize your relationships with people currently in your life, and from your past (this includes past lives, childhood and other life experiences). Empowering you to speak your truth, have healthier boundaries and self-expression, forgive and let go, and experience more happiness and meaningful connections with others so you are seen and heard more for who you truly are.

~ I work on the chakras as together we go into a trance state, clearing them out and maximizing their light & vital life force energy for you. This can enhance your health, personal power, creativity, spirituality and abundance.

~ Setting you (and helping you set yourself) FREE from unwanted energies and negative patterns, thoughts and feelings, by cutting cords and utilizing the powerful shamanic psychic surgery technique.

~ Feeling more self-acceptance, honor and love, no matter what.

ABOUT Mark Goddard:

Hello! My name is Mark Goddard. I come to this work from several parallel paths of interest, study and experience, which I weave together in my life and in my service as a healer. Since I was child, I have had a strong interest in the roots of religion, the mysteries of ancient spiritual schools, higher psychology, shamanism and how human hands can heal. Interwoven with all of this, is my strong love of the Earth and the natural world, and my creativity as an artist. Because of this, my university work focused first on geology, then on art, which are my degrees of study.

After school, my professional pursuits blended the creative and spiritual through doing sacred landscape design with sustainable organic methods. I was also involved in a Sufi discussion group, which focused on meditation practices including mandala use for personal & spiritual development.
I first created mandalas out of natural elements like leaves around the time of my shamanic initiation in 1996, and my nature-inspired mandalas were featured in a global series (The Heart of 2012 Summit), a piece for each chakra. I have participated in Lakota ceremonial rituals including vision quest, creating prayer ties resulting in the manifestation of my Divine Right Mate, sweat lodge and more.

My experiences changed the direction of my life away from just a 3-D world view to one that encompasses a greater spiritual perspective, involving trust in the intuitive and divine forces.

When living in Hawaii, out on a nature hike one day, I felt guided to take a particular path where I found a book about angels - in the middle of a rainforest! For me, this was proof that angels are real and are very much with us. I have a particular resonance with Archangel Metatron and sacred geometry, and Archangel Raphael, God's physician, as the healing angel. (Because of my great love and knowledge of nature, some people who know me well call me a Green Man, after the god of the woods, and Archangel Raphael uses the color green often in healing.)

I have been a Reiki Master since 2003 and teach shamanic Reiki Master intensives at Mystic Light Reiki. I do psychic surgery spiritual clearings as individual sessions and have been very gratified to see the results people get, even when they are on the other side of the world. I recently completed Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard's Higher Consciousness program Levels I and II, which has further developed my intuitive side and given me an incredible new toolbox as a healer, working side by side with the Angels & Ascended Masters.

I am humbly grateful to be an open channel of energy that serves people's highest good and that of our ever-changing world. If you resonate with these words and intentions, it would be my honor to serve you as a catalyst for your healing and awakening path.

What people say about Mark Goddard's I AM Healings:

"Your work on this planet is priceless!,
Dear Mark,
Thank you so much for an unbelievable experience of healing and guidance yesterday 10 June 2016. Your pure Heart, willingness to help me, and your connection with the Archangels made this journey a very special one! Your work on this planet is priceless! With Love, Light and gratitude."

~ Diana Berschrader, England

"Mark's level of integrity as a healer and his ability to guide me through very sensitive areas with ease and grace are hugely appreciated!
"From the very beginning of our session (or even before that) he created a healing space of sacred connection, which eliminated resistance and allowed more healing Energy to pour in.

Mark's intense yet gentle presence throughout the whole session ensured the warmth and safety needed for the wounded parts to show up and be treated by the Light! The information that Mark channeled during the different parts of the session were accurate and laser focused to the needs of every moment.

Mark's level of integrity as a healer and his ability to guide me through very sensitive areas with ease and grace are hugely appreciated! I could actually feel his healing work as it was unfolding and receive the healing love and the caring presence during the entire session! I highly recommend Mark and his healing work!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Infinite waves of unconditional LOVE from my heart to yours!"
~ Eirini, Greece

"I recently experienced a private healing session with Mark and Oh my God! It was huge! It felt like a dam broke loose. I've had clearings before but this was unbelievable. Mark opened up all my chakras, and I felt so light afterwards.

I don't know how he did it but he used a combination of shamanic healing, psychic surgery, prayer, Reiki and angelic healing and it was phenomenal. All this was done over the phone and I could really feel the shift and opening at a very deep level.

Thank you so much, Mark!"

~ Debra Gerrie, Texas

"I feel renewed with a new confidence and new zest for life!"
To Mark Goddard -
Testimonial for Healing Session on May, 18 2017 Mark's talents are simply amazing! He has a powerful process that takes you inward on a magical, mystical healing and self reflective journey.

The process was powerful, precise and expansive. It reached core wounding that was waiting for the healing presence of love and light; and forgiveness. With ascended masters, higher self and angelic presence and a willingness to be guided by Mark's purity and angelic like presence; deep healing and shifting truly is possible.

I feel renewed with a new confidence and new zest for life! To a precious mentor and friend;
Love, Gratitude and a multitude of Blessings!"

~ Beverly Stickley, Canada


"I experienced a major shift and breakthrough during a one-on-one Spiritual Healing Session by Mark. We cleared out blocks in my lower three chakras relating to childhood traumas and also removed stuck entities.

Mark made me feel safe and supported throughout the process. Mark used a combination of Reiki, shamanic healing, angelic prayer and divine intervention to clear out very old blocks. He also cleared out stuck entities and helped me have Highest Self healing. There were so many tears and emotions expressed!

I was given a gift from the spirits of a beautiful multi-faceted crystal emanating with Personal Power. Archangel Michael came in and we hacked away all the remaining cords.

When it was over, I felt great! UPLIFTED!

On top of all that incredible healing, I also met one of my spirit animals (a beige mountain lion) who gave me the message 'Let go and be free.' I cried with joy!

When it was all over, I felt hugely relieved and I felt much lighter, as if I was my real self again and I could breathe. My pain completely went away. I woke up with so much more joy and energy the next day and have been feeling the same ever since. And my pain is still entirely gone.

Thank you so much, Mark! It was an amazing session!"


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