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"Kalai Kalimuthan is a natural healer and intuitive. Able to hone in precisely on the true condition of your chakras and energy field (reading), Kalai will next facilitate direct and immediate healing on your energy centers and aura, bringing you a feeling of peace and openness, light and expansion. She has a gentle and wise way about her and will lovingly hold the space for you to get the healing you need, and empower you for your next steps in life." - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"You are a natural light. Embrace the light and allow it to reach out to the darkest places in the world. You are a uniquely and naturally powerful being. Realize your authentic self and step forward in life magnificently." ~ Kalai Kalimuthan, I AM Reader & Healer

Kalai specializes in:
In-depth Aura and Chakra Readings to identify the blockages that are preventing you from moving forward in life happily and successfully.
Opening and clearing of your Chakras
Heal your inner child
Connecting with your body to hear what your body needs
Connect more with your spiritual guides
Ancestral matters
Past-life issues
Helping you to connect with your Future Self
Aura Cleansing to get rid of dark energy, fear, burdens, negative emotions and thinking patterns.

I have my own divine team who is always with me and will be present during all healings. They are comprised of Archangels and the Ascended Masters. I call upon them and God for all the readings and healings that I do.

ABOUT Kalai Kalimuthan:

Greetings, dear ones. My name is Kalaivani D/O Kalimuthan. (Kalai). I am originally from Singapore and have worked as an Accounts Payable Executive for Nike Global for majority of my lifetime. During my tenure at Nike, I had the privilege of working across regions, globally with a diverse class of people. Despite being in the corporate world, I have always had a strong connection with God. I have always been a strong believer in God, spirituality, spiritual healing and mediumship. In the year 2013, I received my enlightenment. That was the time I felt God's presence very strongly within and around me. The Angels showed their presence within me and around me very strongly as well; shortly after, I learnt that the Ascended Masters were also with me. I learnt from God and the Angels that I had a special and important agenda to be here. I realized my life's path was diverting from the corporate world. I also realized the "REAL" job, which was an important one, was coming; I learnt that I am a natural healer. I started to feel the cosmic energy that I was receiving.

I have always wanted to be a special miracle healer who is able to heal all those who needed healing. The energy that I was receiving helped a wounded bird to be energized, change colour from pale to colourful and fly again.

Since then, I wanted to learn about energy and healing. I am certified as a Reiki Master. To develop the right skills and expand my gifts and abilities, I studied Higher Consciousness and was certified as an Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healer & Reader by Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard.

What people say about Kalai's I AM Healings and Readings:

"Made Peace with my Family & My 3rd Eye Was Opened!,
Kalaivani Kalimuthan is amazing. Her reading, healing and coaching are excellent. Now I have made peace with everyone in my family. I have learned to forgive and sincerely gave out my hand. I have realized that how they react is their own karma. I have forgiven and have stopped been judgemental. I also learnt to accept myself and stopped been judgemental about myself. I am becoming more tolerant. Kalaivani has helped to open my Third Eye. She also helped heal other chakras and my energetic self. Thank you, Kalaivani. To anyone reading this I say Kalai is good and you all should go for an angelic session with her. I am going through so many changes after the reading and healing. Thank you, Kalai for helping open the door! "
~ Sheila Krishna, Malaysia

"Divine Chills of Validation
I just had the honour of having an Intuitive Angelic Miracle reading with Kalai. Even before she called me to do the prayer, I felt sensations that she had already started, which she confirmed. As she went through the chakras, I could feel cold sensations (which I always get while working with Spirit) and could tell which one she was working on. I saw a lot of light green as she worked on me. Her reading was very accurate. While reading a copy of it later, I again got chills. Her opening prayer was good and she called upon the Angels to assist her. So in summary, Kalai nailed it. She has an infectious laugh and came across as very sincere and caring. Namaste."
~ Wendy Smith, Canada

"Emotional Release from This Healing
I was referred to Kalai though a friend who had a chakra reading session with her. During my first session Kalai was able to connect with my spirit guides and read my chakras to see where I was having blocks and how they were impacting my life. She knew nothing about me prior to the reading, however much of what she said resonated with me and my current experiences. Kalai arranged to do a clearing session on the chakras that were experiencing blocks and needed some healing. I had some emotional releases and felt a shift in some of the areas I had previously been feeling stuck in. Kalai followed up by giving me some "homework"- things I could do on my own in order to keep my chakras in a healthy state and different ideas that I could use going forward. I am very happy with my experience and would highly recommend Kalai to anyone who is stuck in their life." ~ Julie Vacca, Canada

"Very Effective Distance Healing & Clarifying Guidance
Kalai is very well experienced in energy work and has confidence and authority. Kalai is gentle and supportive in her approach and has the ability to perform distance healing very effectively. I learned a great deal during our session and had several things clarified for me both at a physical and spiritual level. I would highly recommend Kalaivani." ~ Vivienne Charles, Australia

"From fear, doubts, and tears, to incredible confidence, belief, and power!
In 1 session with Kalai

The I AM healing by Kalaivani Kalimuthan was incredibly powerful, and I could feel and sense a huge dramatic shift happening. She helped me visualize the blockage in my power chakra, and then as the healing progressed, I could feel and see the blockage turn to dust. I felt my fears melt away and the power that then came through was amazing! I could feel myself shining and radiating with incredible power, as my chakra became unblocked, free to radiate with all its incredible glory. Within the session I went from fear, doubts, and tears, to incredible confidence, belief, and power. I feel like nothing can stop me now - I am here to shine and I love who I am. I could not have done this without Kalai's expert and incredible, compassionate, supportive, and insightful healing. She helped me break through lifetime blockages and core issues of fear so that I can now move forward in the world. This healing helped me tremendously, more than I ever expected, and I am eternally grateful - Thank you so much, Kalai. The healing was amazing and powerful and way beyond my expectations!

In addition, the prayers both before and after the session were beautiful, empowering, and supportive. The prayers before the session helped me feel that all the energies, angels, entities, guides, helpers, and universal energy were all being called upon to be aligned to help and support me. And the prayers at the end of the session were so heart-felt and filled with gratitude and love for all those beings and energies and for everything that transpired.

Kalaivani also gave me specific suggestions, activities, and affirmations to help continue, support, and increase the healing, all of which are very supportive and helpful.

The entire angelic healing experience was beautiful, moving, powerful, empowering, and very much needed. Thank you so much, Kalai! I highly recommend her for any type of chakra healing and balancing!"
~ Lynn Pollaine Miclea, California, USA

"Kalai has special gifts that she shares with others.
Her abilities move her to help others and it comes from her heart. She is very skilled at what she does and everything is done with compassion and the greater good of the receiver.

I had the honor of having her perform a chakra reading on me. I found it to be very accurate. I appreciated the depth of the reading and the information that was provided to me. It was very helpful for me to know which chakras I needed to focus on balancing.
~ Bec Yamoto

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